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Sandi Russell
Jazz Singer, Writer & Educator
I am pleased to announce that my second book, a work of fiction entitled COLOR: A Novel has been published.
The award - winning poet and writer, Anne Stevenson wrote: 'An arresting, possibly great, contemporary novel to compete with the best of William Faulkner and Toni Morrison.'

'Caryl Phillips, internationally renowned author stated: Colour has
'A lovely, lyrical energy. Deftly concealed beneath a character-based narrative was a historical narrative which enabled me to see a corner of the United States in a new light. All very fascinating.'

COLOR brings together one person's quest for identity with the inner lives of a whole community. In the tradition of Zora Neale Hurston and Toni Morrison and through a rich texture of voices and sensations, it offers unique insights into the history of the New World and the meaning of the American Dream.

I launched the book in London and elsewhere, including the Durham Book Festival.

Read an interview with Sandi and Susan Sellers, Professor of English and Related Literature, St Andrews University
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COLOR: A Novel is available in softcover and e-book on Amazon and iBooks.

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